Local groups support new vegans

Alternative meat products

AISHA ISABELLA ULSTRUP-HANSEN Vegan living is on the rise in Australia, thanks to wider availability of meat-free alternatives, celebrity endorsement and greater awareness of the potential benefits of a vegan diet, including reducing animal cruelty … [Read more...]

Flexitarians drive growing vegan scene

Minced plant-based 'mince'

JAKE DAY Veganism is becoming more popular in Brisbane, but ‘flexitarianism’ is the main reason you’ll see more meat-free options in supermarkets and restaurants. Flexitarians are people who primarily eat a more traditional diet of meat and … [Read more...]

Pottery coffee cups target sustainability

Renton Bishopric with his ceramic coffee cups

GRACE HOLGATE With single use plastic bags out of circulation, it seems like only a matter of time before disposable coffee cups become the next target on the road to environmental sustainability. And with good reason. Each year an … [Read more...]

Cows find safe haven in hinterland

Gavin and Graham Save A Cow Foundation

JAKE DAY In the Sunshine Coast hinterland is a little-known haven for cows that have been re-homed from beef and dairy farms around the South East. The cows have all been “rescued” by one man, Anthony Walsgott. Mr Walsgott has given a home … [Read more...]

Eco Expo returns to promote sustainable living

Plastic Free Boy at Eco Expo

JESSICA MCLAUGHLIN Environmentalists around Brisbane are getting ready to flock to this year's Eco Expo for a weekend of sustainable fun. The event, which takes place at the Brisbane Showgrounds from Friday 14 September to Sunday 16 September, … [Read more...]

Gold Coasters are going vegan

OLIVIA WECKERLE With the Gold Coast’s easy going, beach lifestyle it only makes sense that people are becoming more health and ethically curious. This interest has brought many people to veganism, a diet and lifestyle free from all animal … [Read more...]

The internet: the vegans movement’s new best friend

THOMAS PITTS According to Google Trends, Australians lead the world in researching the word 'vegan'. This comes as no surprise as Australia is set to see the third largest market growth in the world in vegan products over the next five years, … [Read more...]

It’s Doughnut Time!

CASSANDRA PALMER-FIELD It's the age old principle of business; listen to the customer, and Brisbane-based business Doughnut Time, has been listening. What started as humble beginnings has lead to success for the small business, with Brisbane … [Read more...]

SuperMeat taking the murder out of meat

JESS ROBERTSON SuperMeat, an Indigogo funded organisation, claims to have developed a system for producing cultured one-hundred percent real, non GMO, meat without harming animals. Today's meat industry plays a major contribution to climate … [Read more...]

BrisVegan Fest changing the face of Veganism

MARIAN JOSEPH The Brisbane Vegan Festival not only supplied attendees with yummy vegan food and market stalls, but also aimed to educate people about healthy vegan diets and lifestyle. The festival, at the Leagues Services Club in West End … [Read more...]