US President Barack Obama in pictures

KIMBERLEY MCCOSKER   United States President Barack Obama addressed Brisbane students at an exclusive event at the University of Queensland this afternoon. He announced a $3 billion pledge to the United Nations Green Climate Fund as … [Read more...]

The speech that set social media aflutter

TOM MANN President Barack Obama's speech at the University of Queensland today not only captivated those sitting in the audience, as millions tuned in across the world to hear the United States leader address Australia. The streets in the heart … [Read more...]

Expert says: Euthanasia is a health issue, not political

INGE HANSEN A Griffith University health expert has warned changes to federal 'right- to- die' laws for the terminally ill are unlikely to change any time soon. Griffith University Associate Professor of Ethics and Professional Practice … [Read more...]

9/11’s legacy: ‘We sacrificed liberty for security’

LUISA COOLS Events will be held all over the US today to remember over 3000 victims of the terrorist attacks on The World Trade Centre in 2001. Today marks the thirteenth anniversary since the beginning of the global war against … [Read more...]