Will Australian-owned GoCatch win Taxi v Uber war?

REBECCA BATS The Australian owned booking app offers customers the option to book a taxi or a rideshare on their phone with the ridesharing option being similar to the concept of Uber. The app is set to rival Uber, Lyft and Backseat, with … [Read more...]

Queensland Uber reform

ALEX CORBY Photo by Caitlyn O'Brien     The Queensland government have announced that Uber, and other ride sharing services, will be legalised in the state from the 5th September 2016. Premier Anna Palaszczuk is … [Read more...]

Grandma Uber helps get party-goers home safe

ALEX CORBY Photo by Trevor Blackmore Proud Uber driver and grandmother sets the standard for taxi drivers and ride-sharing services everywhere. Kathy Raydings, 57, is just one person trying to make a difference. She's been dubbed Grandma … [Read more...]

Millennials set to shake up future business

MELANIE WHITING The impact of the millennial generation was the focus of roundtable talks on ethical and sustainable corporations for the future at Day Two of the Global Integrity Summit. In her opening statement, Chair of 2014 G20 Youth … [Read more...]

People hit back in Uber’s defence

JANELSA OUMA Recent attacks on Uber drivers in Brisbane has caused an outpouring of anger and support from the users of the ride-sharing app. Ride-share app user Anna Banhazi said that she believed that the apps would do little to hinder … [Read more...]

RACQ urges Queensland to legalise ride-sharing services

ARIANA PANETTIERE The RACQ has called on the Queensland Government to enable Uber and other ride-sharing services to legally co-exist with the taxi industry. This comes as Uber and other ride-sharing services will be legally able to enter … [Read more...]

Tourism Minister tells Gold Coasters to use AirBnb and Uber

JAYDEN HAUSFELD   New Tourism Minister, Richard Colbeck says he wants Australians to embrace controversial online services 'Airbnb' and 'Uber', to aid in enhancing the Gold Coast's economy. The popular online services could play a … [Read more...]