Translink cops criticism from government officials

PATRICK CONNORS Brisbane City Council's annual report on public transport reveals lower patronage of train and bus services across the network. According to the Brisbane City Council's 2014-2015 annual report, 2.2 million less customers … [Read more...]

Brisbane deputy mayor petitions for cheaper public transport

BENNET NICHOL   Brisbane Deputy Mayor Adrian Schrinner is petitioning the Queensland State Government for cheaper public transport fares. Cr Schrinner started a petition to raise awareness about high TransLink service … [Read more...]

Translink to offer cheaper fares and increased services

CHERYL YONG A state-wide reduction to public transport fares will begin on November 3 making it more affordable for Queenslanders to catch the train, bus, tram or ferry. An extra 15 NightLink bus services have been trialled in Brisbane from … [Read more...]

Transport Minister warns of public transport changes in place for G20

CHERYL YONG Transport and Main Roads Minister Scott Emerson warns public transport users of timetable changes and bus delays expected in November due to the G20. Mr Emerson said ferry and train services will be the best public transport … [Read more...]