Out with the billboards and in with the influencers

JESSICA WEST A fast growing advertiser strategy to capture the attention of the teen market is through the use of social media influencers aka the “insta-famous”. These influencers are being paid, or given free products, to post images or … [Read more...]

Australia’s ice epidemic: increasing rates of teenage usage

JAMES JUST Methylamphetamine, more commonly known as 'ice' has become a growing concern within communities around Australia after a spike in teenagers seeking treatment for ice addiction. The National Drug Household Survey has determined … [Read more...]

Gen-Y latest edition to bikie gangs

As if the Gold Coast bikie war isn't dangerous enough, a report by The Courier Mail has now found a dangerous number of Australian youths involved in several gangs across South East Queensland.  According to the findings, older members of gangs … [Read more...]