Universities back sustainability movement

Waste facilities at the University of the Sunshine Coast

JESSICA MCLAUGHLIN Universities around Queensland are moving towards a more sustainable future, as the younger section of the population increases the pressure to go green. While it has become commonplace to see the state’s universities … [Read more...]

Pottery coffee cups target sustainability

Renton Bishopric with his ceramic coffee cups

GRACE HOLGATE With single use plastic bags out of circulation, it seems like only a matter of time before disposable coffee cups become the next target on the road to environmental sustainability. And with good reason. Each year an … [Read more...]

Universities and schools put focus on sustainability

UQ sustainability coordinator Suzanne Davis

ISABELLA CHENG Universities and schools around the country are making a big effort to be environmentally responsible and sustainable. One of the universities placing a strong focus on sustainability is the University of Queensland, which is … [Read more...]

Sustainable economics challenge to G20

AMY MITCHELL-WHITTINGTON and EDUARDO JORDAN While attention is on the leaders at the G20 summit, some of the more interesting ideas are coming from events organised by OccupyG20Brisbane. Sustainability and climate change are major issues for … [Read more...]

The tools to sustainable urban landscapes

TESSA FOX Modern urban landscapes should be more than just pretty shrubbery, they should be clever, climate-ready green spaces that make urban living better, international horticulturalists heard this week. In his presentation at the 29th … [Read more...]