Smoking laws lead to smoke free state

JESS ROBERTSON The Queensland Government's new smoke-free zone laws were implemented on September 1, leading QLD one step closer to becoming a smoke free state. Smoking has been banned near public transport waiting points, including ferry … [Read more...]

Cancer Council Queensland supports greater restrictions on e-cigarettes

CHERYL YONG Cancer Council Queensland commended the Queensland Government for new laws that will see e-cigarettes subject to the same restrictions and laws as cigarettes. The amendments to the Tobacco Act will be effective from 1 January … [Read more...]

Show me your license for that smoke, mate

MATT HARDIE A recent article issued by The Medical Journal of Australia has debated whether smokers should be issued with a 'smart-card license' to purchase tobacco products. This idea has come as a pre-emptive tactic to hinder the sale of … [Read more...]