QPS: “swift and immediate action” on violent protests

DANIEL BACKHAUS The Queensland Police Service has warned protest groups they will crack down hard on anyone causing disruption this weekend. Deputy Police Commissioner Ross Barnett said police were out in number and ready to act. "Should … [Read more...]

Merkel talking tough at 25th Anniversary of the Berlin Wall

RILEY JACKSON Less than a week until the G20 Leaders' Summit, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has marked the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall with an emotional speech and an encouragement for the Ukraine resistance. Merkel … [Read more...]

Putin ‘most powerful’ ahead of G20

RILEY JACKSON   G20 Brisbane is set to be a clash of the titans, with Vladimir Putin again topping the pops ahead of Barack Obama in the 2014 Forbes 'Most Powerful' list. The Russian leader has annexed Crimea, raged war with Ukraine … [Read more...]