Queenslanders call for speed limit increase

TAMARA SYDENHAM The Newman Government will review speed limits on 100 Queensland roads after 52% of submissions lodged said they wanted speed limits increased. Over 3,300 residents voiced their dissatisfaction as part of the Road Safety … [Read more...]

Rego stickers to be peeled off for good

NANNAPHAT SRITAKOONRUT The Government of Queensland has decided to abolish registration labels for light vehicles from October 1, 2014. According to Transport and Main Roads Minister Scott Emerson, it would be a more efficient and effective … [Read more...]

Government urges increase in speeding fines around schools

NANNAPHAT SRITAKOONRUT The Queensland Government will consider increasing fines for motorists caught near schools if new flashing lights fail to prevent speeding. The flashing lights are intended to draw motorists’ attention to the operation of … [Read more...]