Conversation Convoy paints Brisbane yellow

PAIGE FINDLOW The Conversation Convoy arrived in Brisbane last Thursday to speak to the Brisbane community about suicide prevention. The Convoy is part of the national 'R U OK Day' campaign, encouraging people to talk about their mental … [Read more...]

Are you ok?

CASSANDRA PALMER-FIELD Today marks the annual R U OK? Day, a day designed to encourage friends to check in with one another. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, around eight Australians commit suicide every day. R U OK? is … [Read more...]


MICHAELA PETROFES September is Suicide Prevention Month,  and awareness campaign R U OK? Day is Thursday, September 10th. R U OK? was founded in 2009 to inspire people to ask "are you okay?" to anyone who may be struggling with life.  R U OK? … [Read more...]

Help a mate on R U OK? Day

The latest ABS data shows that suicide remains the leading cause of death for Australians aged between 15 and 44. R U OK? Day aims to change that by making it easier for people to talk about what is bothering them and get the help they need - and … [Read more...]

Australia asks ‘R U OK?’ on September 12

TESS BROOKS The fifth national R U OK? Day will be held next Thursday September 12 with the foundation urging Australians get involved and ask a friend or family member ‘are you ok?’ A study conducted by the R U OK? Foundation revealed more … [Read more...]