Privacy ‘freaks’ cannot drive talks on ‘dronalism’, experts say

drones privacy ethics debate

DANIEL BACKHAUS Drones are becoming increasingly prominent in civil aviation and are being repurposed for news media in potentially dangerous and inaccessible areas. Also known as Remote Piloted Aircrafts (RPA's), drones have a chequered usage … [Read more...]

Drones could be friend not foe, experts say

BRENT ROW Positive applications of drone aircraft are only now being fully explored, according to leading experts in the field. International media law expert David Goldberg says that drones have garnered an unfair reputation as tools of … [Read more...]

Apples iCloud rains down as more celebrity nudes hacked

RODNEY BREWER The Internet’s biggest torrent of celebrity nudes were posted earlier this week with many celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and Teresa Palmer involved in the latest hacking incident. It is alleged someone … [Read more...]