Man charged over G20 cyber threat

DANIEL BACKHAUS A 21-year-old Rockhampton man has been charged with using a carriage service to menace or harass a world leader at the G20 Summit. Police will allege that the Park Avenue man made threats online to a world leader visiting … [Read more...]

QPS: “swift and immediate action” on violent protests

DANIEL BACKHAUS The Queensland Police Service has warned protest groups they will crack down hard on anyone causing disruption this weekend. Deputy Police Commissioner Ross Barnett said police were out in number and ready to act. "Should … [Read more...]

Police make first arrest for breaching G20 exclusion order

KRYSTAL GORDON A young man was charged by police for re-entering the G20 exclusion zone today after being previously excluded. The 24 year old man from Highgate Hill was excluded from the declared area on November 9 for failing to provide … [Read more...]

G20 summit potentially at risk from ‘lone wolf’ activists

JACK LAWRIE Police and security specialists are working on identifying and preventing "lone wolf" style terror threats including those allegedly targeting the G20 leader's summit in Brisbane.  … [Read more...]

Brisbane in the dark about G20 police powers

ALEISHA OWEN More should have been done to educate the public about increased security measures and police powers, the Queensland Council for Civil Liberties said this week. President Michael Cope said the powers are too vague and tensions … [Read more...]

Poppy sales down police presence up this Remembrance Day

THOMAS MANN Remembrance Day ceremonies in Brisbane City will be swarming with more police and tighter security measures than ever before. Returned Services League Queensland released a statement saying they understood the restrictions, but had … [Read more...]

Concern for Brisbane homeless community’s safety during G20

HANNAH SMITH With the 2014 Brisbane G20 on its way community groups have expressed concerns about the safety of the Brisbane City homeless population. Micah Projects coordinator Karyn Walsh said there was some discomfort in the homeless … [Read more...]

Bomb threat at Sunshine Coast train station

LUCINDA KENT BREAKING: Nambour train station has been evacuated as Queensland Police respond to a bomb threat. Police were notified of the threat around 8.45 am and Translink has confirmed all trains have been diverted from the … [Read more...]

Suspected drug overdoses critical at Defqon 1

VIKTORIA BALANZATEGUI A 23-year-old man has died and 14 others hospitalised after suspected drug overdoses at this years Defqon 1 festival. Held at Sydney’s International Regatta Centre in Penrith for the fourth year, speculations are now … [Read more...]

Colombians rally in Brisbane to stop abuse against farmers in home country

KATHERINE VEGA Hundreds of Colombian's have expressed their anger towards the unfair treatment and abuse of farmers at a public rally in Brisbane's Square. Over 200 people gathered in front of the Brisbane City Library at 10am on Saturday … [Read more...]