Protein linked to obesity in new study

LUJAYN HAWARI Recently published studies have found protein in meat to be the culprit cause of obesity and health epidemics around the world. The University of Adelaide in Australia conducted a Public Health Arena Ecological Analysis on the … [Read more...]

How small swaps can make big changes

CASSANDRA PALMER-FIELD Cannellini beans in brownies? Raspberries and lemon in slice? These a just a few of the new spins on age old CWA classics. In a bid to fight the rising rates of obesity in rural Queensland, the Queensland Country … [Read more...]

Research: Queensland is Australia’s fattest state

ANIKA MCMAHON New research from Queensland Health reveals that Queensland holds the dubious honour of being the most overweight state in Australia. These findings show that two in three adults (67%) and one in four children (25%) are either … [Read more...]