Brisbane dietitian says film makes controversial claims

JANA GABRIJEL A Brisbane dietitian has slammed dietary claims made in a documentary being screened on Netflix. Lauren James, an Accredited Dietitian for Eat Smart Nutrition said she believes the documentary What the Health should not have … [Read more...]

Misconception of the Insta-body image

ALANNAH KERR In today's society, social media has taken over the minds of young women and brainwashed them into how their bodies should look to seem sexy, attractive and beautiful. What young women aren't realising is it's all a … [Read more...]

Too much junk

RACHAEL HERRAMAN A recent healthy diet score survey conducted by the CSIRO has confirmed that Australians are eating three times more than the recommended daily intake of junk food, and not enough fruit. More than 40,000 Australians … [Read more...]

Consumer focus in the new age of genetically modified crops

SAMANTHA MEHAN Consumer focused GM crops are taking over from traditional GM crops designed to benefit producers, a leading crop geneticist said in Brisbane this week. University of Copenhagen Professor Renate Müller told the International … [Read more...]

Gyms transforming your body and bank balance

RANUI HARMER Health experts warn that time-framed exercise and nutrition challenges are a scam and can often deliberately set a participant up to fail. Transformation challenges have quickly become the latest trend amongst men and women … [Read more...]