From the News Desk: 25-09-2014

LUISA COOLS The Source’s round up of the top news stories this week. Australia's Migration Act was revised India launched spacecraft to Mars American imprisoned in North Korea Teenage terror suspect shot dead US airstrikes to cut … [Read more...]

The Hon Michael Kirby: The UN is imperfect but there is no alternative

ANETA ZILVAROVA The world celebrated the International Day of Peace  with this years theme being “Education for Peace”. A peace lecture in Brisbane's St John's Cathedral commemorated those suffering in war-torn areas and the importance of … [Read more...]

The “Great Dissenter” preaches peace in Brisbane

REBECCA SINGH More than one hundred people gathered at Brisbane's St John's Cathedral on Saturday for the United Nations International Day of Peace. The Day of Peace lectures connected the congregation with people from all over the world to … [Read more...]