Anonymous commits to peaceful protests despite being forced to unmask

KRYSTAL GORDON AND MELANIE WHITING A 44 year old Dinmore man has been charged for wearing a mask during a protest in the G20 declared area. Media reports indicate the man was wearing a Guy Fawkes mask which is the trademark of activist group … [Read more...]

Marijuana legalisation ‘elephant in the room’ at G20

MELANIE WHITING The G20 Leaders' Summit is the right time to address "the elephant in the room" marijuana legalisation issue, HEMP Embassy president Michael Balderstone says. The Hemp Embassy protested in Musgrave Park yesterday for the … [Read more...]

Elders Watson and Pearson to sort out their differences

CRAIG L THOMSON Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy elder Sam Watson questioned Indigenous leader Noel Pearson's right to speak on all Aboriginal people's behalf at a public lecture in Brisbane last night. Mr Watson said he welcomed the … [Read more...]

News Burst Update

  The Source News crosses to the Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy Musgrave Park in South Brisbane for updates. … [Read more...]

The Source News lunch time News Burst 6 Nov 2014

  Twice daily update of what is happening in Brisbane in the lead up to the G20 2014 from the Griffith School of Humanities Journalism Media Centre. Best location BNE … [Read more...]

Fears BCC in Musgrave Park to take back Jagera Hall

CRAIG L THOMSON Musgrave Park Traditional Owners fear that Brisbane City Council's rapid response teams are at Jagera Hall today to take it back. Elders have locked the gates to the hall with padlocks and chains. When approached for … [Read more...]