Abortion groups at odds over safe access zones

Pregnancy test

EMMA DILLON Pro-choice groups have welcomed the introduction of proposed new legislation to decriminalise abortion and implement safe access zones around clinics in Queensland, but anti-abortion protesters say it will lead to unwanted … [Read more...]

New road rules for motorcyclists spark concerns

TORI ZEIDLER The Queensland Government recently adopted new road rules allowing motorcyclists to ride down the middle of road lanes at low speeds when cars are either stationary or travelling below 30km/h. RACQ technical and safety policy … [Read more...]

Anonymous commits to peaceful protests despite being forced to unmask

KRYSTAL GORDON AND MELANIE WHITING A 44 year old Dinmore man has been charged for wearing a mask during a protest in the G20 declared area. Media reports indicate the man was wearing a Guy Fawkes mask which is the trademark of activist group … [Read more...]

Sexting Protection Laws

HAYDEN MCKEE The Victorian government has passed laws making it illegal to send ‘intimate images’ or ‘nudes’ (nude photos) without consent. The new ‘sexting’ laws will also provide an exemption for people under eighteen to avoid charges of … [Read more...]

Calls to remove alcohol bans in Indigenous communities

RANUI HARMER Alcohol bans in Queensland’s Indigenous communities are being reviewed after appeals were made to have them lifted. It has been 12 years since the former Labor government established alcohol restrictions in 19 communities … [Read more...]

New exemptions in Queensland helmet laws said to be a back-pedal in safety

MATT HARDIE Wherever cycling is present, there is frequent debate over when and where riders feel it necessary to wear a helmet. Whether it is riding for leisure, competition or transport, some see the use of a helmet as basic safety or legal … [Read more...]