Anna J. James

Anna works as a freelance journalist for a variety of Australian and U.S. publications. Anna prefers her news soft and form-long, navigating the 'dark' issues of homelessness, addiction, incarceration, criminality and Lindsay Lohan.  You can view … [Read more...]

Elizabeth Andal

Elizabeth Andal is a journalist with a passion for health, psychology, nutrition and the food industry. She blogs with Lifehack, exploring a broad range of topics such as lifestyle, science and the environment. Twitter: @Elizabeth_Andal. … [Read more...]

Sharn Kennedy

Sharn is an Australian born journalist who aspires to travel the world with pen in hand and an outspoken mind. Returning from his recent trip in Europe has cemented his desire to follow a career in international relations and environmental … [Read more...]

Taylor Toovey

Taylor is a Brisbane-based freelance journalist with a passion for foreign affairs and international relations. She is a writer, editor and radio professional aiming to draw national attention to global issues and problems in international … [Read more...]

Tayla Swales

Tayla is a pink haired Journalist with a love for Magazine and Newspaper graphic design. She specialises in human interest features and photography. Twitter: @TaylaSwales … [Read more...]

Aaron Cooper

Aaron is a Journalist for the Source News and has a great passion for sport. This passion has seen him take on roles including lead radio commentator covering Queensland Premier Rugby, as well as seizing opportunities to work alongside some of his … [Read more...]

Kelsie Iorio

Journalist and photographer Kelsie Iorio is originally  from Mackay and is currently living, working and studying in Brisbane. She has a keen interest in arts, entertainment, modern history, food and sport. Kelsie's goals include becoming an … [Read more...]