Some still call Syria home

HANNAH SBEGHEN Syria would be an unthinkable travel destination for most holiday goers, but for Brisbane girl Renae Ahamd, it’s like any other family vacation. For Ms Ahmad, an 18 year old Australian born Syrian, the ongoing Syrian crisis … [Read more...]

12,000 Syrian refugees to call Australia home

JANELSA OUMA Australia will be resettling an extra 12,000 refugees in a "once-off" increase of our humanitarian refugee quota in response to pressure from the Australian people and an escalation in the Syrian & Iraqi … [Read more...]

From the News Desk: 25-09-2014

LUISA COOLS The Source’s round up of the top news stories this week. Australia's Migration Act was revised India launched spacecraft to Mars American imprisoned in North Korea Teenage terror suspect shot dead US airstrikes to cut … [Read more...]

From the News Desk

Here are some stories catching our eye at The Source this week. Gold Coast man treated for Ebola A 25-year-man was taken to the Gold Coast University hospital on Thursday following suspicions he had contracted Ebola during a trip to … [Read more...]

9/11’s legacy: ‘We sacrificed liberty for security’

LUISA COOLS Events will be held all over the US today to remember over 3000 victims of the terrorist attacks on The World Trade Centre in 2001. Today marks the thirteenth anniversary since the beginning of the global war against … [Read more...]