Graffiti Won’t Be Wiped Away So Easily

JOSHUA ADAMSON Graffiti in Ipswich should not be banned, and young graffiti artists should be “channelled in the right direction” to maximise community benefit, according to prominent Camira street artist. Exquizart, a Camira-based street … [Read more...]

CSG no longer allowed in Ipswich

JOSHUA ADAMSON The Ipswich City Council has joined the crusade against CSG, joining nearby councils in banning the infamous form of mining in the area. Coal seam gas has never strayed far from the headlines, with stories about its negative … [Read more...]

Ipswich City Council wants mosquitoes to buzz off

JOSHUA ADAMSON With the warmer weather comes mosquitoes and Ipswich City Council is committed to continually monitoring their numbers to prevent outbreaks of disease. Last year’s wet season was considerably larger than normal, which led to a … [Read more...]

Ipswich City Council Outfoxed

MICHAELA PETROFES Ipswich residents are calling on their local council to take further action to address an influx of European foxes in the area. The Council has already set up traps that capture two of these pests every week. But residents … [Read more...]