Australia much like the UK in the face of global refugee crisis

CASSANDRA PALMER-FIELD It was another day of informative discussion at the Integrity 20 Summit with Baroness Shami Chakrabarti, Professor Penelope Matthew, Professor Robert Manne and Race Discrimination Commisioner Tim Soutphommasane analyzing the … [Read more...]

How we can use artificial intelligence to reshape our future

SHARN KENNEDY At the rate technology is advancing it won't be long until we have developed artificial intelligence that possesses the potential to surpass our own capabilities. The question is, would such a technology be beneficial or … [Read more...]

Sakdiyah Ma’ruf’s mission to extinguish extremism with laughter

JESS ROBERTSON Madonna King led a conversation on the topic of extinguishing extremism with the use of comedy at the Integrity Summit this morning. Ms King spoke with Indonesian Muslim comedian and winner of 2015 Vaclav Havel International … [Read more...]