Dodgy overseas tattoos can be life-risking decisions

RENATA NEMETH Australian travellers who get a tattoo or body piercing while on holiday are unaware of, or ignoring the risk of the potential to cause HIV and hepatitis infections. In 2012, Indonesian authorities estimated that one in four … [Read more...]

Return to sex education

HIV Testing

HAYDEN MCKEE A recent study by the Kirby Institute at the University of New South Wales has found that 52.5% of new HIV infections occur among the tertiary education age group. A Queensland Health spokesperson said the message of 'get HIV … [Read more...]

Rapid Road Show

Hayden McKee The Community HIV Education & Prevention (CHEP) program has a new campaign: Rapid Road Show. The campaign is underway as it cruises across Queensland spreading the message of HIV awareness and free rapid HIV testing. With HIV … [Read more...]