Discussing the many faces of terrorism

DAVID SIMON & ELOISE LE GROS Former president of Timor-Leste and Nobel Prize recipient, Josè Ramos-Horta addressed the global integrity summit at south bank this morning Without a speech prepared, the current UN Secretary General, as … [Read more...]

Integrity 20 Summit: Sarah Chayes

CASSANDRA PALMER-FIELD The annual Integrity 20 Summit is set to commence at Griffith University's Conservatorium on the 25th October. The Summit lasts for three days and involves guest speakers from around the globe examining world-wide issues … [Read more...]

Survival of the 21st Century journalist

ANIKA MCMAHON Founder and author of Dot Earth, Andrew Revkin said the survival of 21st century journalists’ rests in their ability to maintain authority in a sceptical society. The 2015 Global Integrity Summit questioned the survival of … [Read more...]

The super unknown owners of corporate Australia

SHAY LEDINGHAM Australians have a much greater financial punch to pull than they realise when it comes to corporate influence and ownership in our nation. According to the Managing Director of Good Super Andrew MacLeod Australia has $2 … [Read more...]

UN top five should lose veto powers

SHAY LEDINGHAM AND TESSA FOX Australian Human Rights Commissioner Gillian Triggs believes the United Nations needs to re-evaluate the veto stronghold of its permanent five members, or continue to risk encumbering the success of future Council … [Read more...]

Millennials set to shake up future business

MELANIE WHITING The impact of the millennial generation was the focus of roundtable talks on ethical and sustainable corporations for the future at Day Two of the Global Integrity Summit. In her opening statement, Chair of 2014 G20 Youth … [Read more...]

Global Integrity Summit speakers address corruption in business

JAMES JUST The topic of business corruption was discussed at the Global Integrity Summit last Wednesday as speakers from across the world met in Brisbane. Speakers included notable figures including Victor Perton, Erna Witoelar, Stephen … [Read more...]

Charles Sampford: Big businesses should embrace carbon-neutrality

DAVID SIMON Griffith University Institute for Ethics, Governance and Law Director Charles Sampford spoke briefly this morning about institutional integrity and climate change awareness for individuals and businesses. Mr Sampford … [Read more...]

Ethical business for long term profitability

ARIANA DEELEY Raising business above the bottom line was a key issue raised at the Global Integrity Summit in Brisbane on Wednesday. Scholars and business professionals agreed, rather than just thinking about making a profit, businesses … [Read more...]

Global Integrity Summit: are Australian political donations corrupt?

BENNET NICHOL, ARIANA PANETTIERE and RENATA NEMETH Australia’s political donation system has come under fire at the Global Integrity Summit in Brisbane today. Four panellists, Victor Perton, Erna Witoelar, Attiya Waris, and Stephen Mayne … [Read more...]