A Green Economy is better for the future

NAKITA RONTO Green economist and Founder-CEO of GIST advisory, Pavan Sukhdev believes advertising shapes society to be and act in certain ways. At the 2015 Global Integrity Summit, Mr Sukhdev said advertising is bias and creates … [Read more...]

Privacy encrypted by today’s technologies

NAKITA RONTO The Global Integrity Summit 2015 proved to be very insightful in world issues, one being technology in today’s society. Internationally renowned security technologist Bruce Schneier, left guests and members of his seminar with a … [Read more...]

Millennials set to shake up future business

MELANIE WHITING The impact of the millennial generation was the focus of roundtable talks on ethical and sustainable corporations for the future at Day Two of the Global Integrity Summit. In her opening statement, Chair of 2014 G20 Youth … [Read more...]