Star Wars fan project killed in the water

SAMUEL BURNETT Frontwire Studios President, Tony Romanelli has announced the suspension of the greatly anticipated fan-made game, Star Wars: Galaxy in Turmoil. The game, while still only in its Alpha stage, was a planned sequel to the … [Read more...]

Game reviewer threatened with lawsuit following negative review

HANNAH SMITH Criticism over YouTube's copyright infringement policies have flared up again after a game reviewer fell victim to a vexatious copyright breach claim. After reviewer Jim Sterling posted a harsh 'first impressions' video of the … [Read more...]

Minecraft to be released on Xbox One

JONATHAN NAJARRO Gamers around the world have eagerly awaited the next generation of consoles that will open doors to the virtual world of Minecraft. In less than 24 hours Xbox One gamers will finally be able to experience the … [Read more...]

Pioneer Aussie game developer’s legacy enshrined with new award

ROD BREWER Ground breaking Australian game developer Adam Lancman will be recognised at this year’s upcoming Australian Game Developer Awards with a new accolade named in his honour. The AGDA’s are being run by the Game Developers’ Association … [Read more...]