Students showcase dying Polynesian cultures

UQSPIA performing a cultural dance from Kiribati

LUISA AUSAGE The University of Queensland South Pacific Islander Association (UQSPIA) has hosted a special cultural event to showcase the music and dance of some of the many Pacific islander cultures that are present in Australia. Student-led … [Read more...]

Australian import regulations worsen Pacific Island livelihoods

CHELSEA MAPPAS Australia’s ‘unscientific’ quarantine regulations have denied much needed export markets for Pacific Island taro, a leading industry expert said in Brisbane this week. Fiji based Nature’s Way Cooperative Chief Executive, Mr … [Read more...]

Truman’s dream of Fiji became my reality

KAN JIANG The first time I heard of Fiji was in the movie The Truman Show. Fiji, the pearl of the South Pacific, was the dreamland of Truman played by Jim Carrey. In Truman’s opinion, this beautiful paradise was a tranquil, mysterious, and idyllic … [Read more...]