To report or not to report? Newcastle lawyer brings legal ethics into spotlight

CASSANDRA PALMER-FIELD     A Newcastle lawyer last week told a Royal Commission how he covered up child sex abuse in order to protect the Anglican Church. The revelation raises concerns about the legal industry and the … [Read more...]

Ethical business for long term profitability

ARIANA DEELEY Raising business above the bottom line was a key issue raised at the Global Integrity Summit in Brisbane on Wednesday. Scholars and business professionals agreed, rather than just thinking about making a profit, businesses … [Read more...]

Expert says: Euthanasia is a health issue, not political

INGE HANSEN A Griffith University health expert has warned changes to federal 'right- to- die' laws for the terminally ill are unlikely to change any time soon. Griffith University Associate Professor of Ethics and Professional Practice … [Read more...]

Privacy ‘freaks’ cannot drive talks on ‘dronalism’, experts say

drones privacy ethics debate

DANIEL BACKHAUS Drones are becoming increasingly prominent in civil aviation and are being repurposed for news media in potentially dangerous and inaccessible areas. Also known as Remote Piloted Aircrafts (RPA's), drones have a chequered usage … [Read more...]

Global Integrity Summit calls for integrity at the G20

LUISA COOLS Ethics, integrity and corruption were hot topics for the Global Integrity Summit at the Queensland Conservatorium yesterday. Over 300 academics, business professionals and students from all over the world attended the two-day … [Read more...]