Social media now a battle ground for young people

JESS ROBERTSON As social media usage continues to escalate, pressure for cyberspace recognition has increased for students. Year 12 high school student, Phoebe White describes social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram as the new … [Read more...]

Debunking the F word: threats against female journalists actually work

JULIA RUSE   *Editors note:  We sat on this story for a week before publishing.  The author expressed concern about the backlash she would receive if we published it.  We have since made the editorial decision to go ahead and publish … [Read more...]

Sexting Protection Laws

HAYDEN MCKEE The Victorian government has passed laws making it illegal to send ‘intimate images’ or ‘nudes’ (nude photos) without consent. The new ‘sexting’ laws will also provide an exemption for people under eighteen to avoid charges of … [Read more...]