Council gives Birkdale dump $278k for upgrade

RANUI HARMER Redland City Council announced they allocated $278,000 in this year’s RedWaste budget to add an extra lane near the Birkdale dump. The new road will allow cars with only green waste to bypass the weighbridge at peak hours to … [Read more...]

Brisbane residents pay to party in the park

RANUI HARMER The Brisbane City Council are considering plans to regulate social gatherings in parks and bushland reserves in order to police outdoor events. If plans go ahead, from November 2014 the Council will combine local laws relating … [Read more...]

Bridge brings battle to the islands

RANUI HARMER When you think of island living you think of an idyllic, peaceful lifestyle away from the hustle of Australia’s mainland; this is known as the 'Island Dream'. The reality of that lifestyle however is expensive travel, limited … [Read more...]

Council to sell old Riverwalk

SARAH ROHWEDER Brisbane City Council will auction off parts of the old Riverwalk next month to anyone interested in the concrete pontoons or stainless steel balustrades. The 870 metre New Farm walkway was damaged in the 2011 floods after large … [Read more...]

Shelved referendum ‘a sad day for local government’

GAVIN COOTE The Redland City Council Mayor says she is 'bitterly disappointed' the referendum on constitutional recognition of local government has been put on hold. The referendum was shelved on Sunday after Australia PM Kevin Rudd announced a … [Read more...]