Mason Rack Band

WAI YEUNG On the final day of the Blues on Broadbeach music festival  Mason Rack Band dominated the Surf Parade stage in the warm-up to Eric Burdon and The Animals closed . Mason Rack was excited and his performance showed a man enjoying his craft … [Read more...]

Blues on Broadbeach still growing and going strong

SELINE TAYLOR As the Blues on Broadbeach Festival draws to a close, repeat festival goers will leave satisfied that this year’s return was well worth the visit. It is a testament to the festival’s continuing appeal that many festival goers have … [Read more...]

Background Staff Keep the Festival Going

ANSON LAM Blues on Broadbeach is the largest free music festival in Australia. Last year's event saw more than 127,000 people attend. In order to hold this huge event, there is a large team of organizers to keeping everything on track.   I … [Read more...]

Mobile Performer Excites Crowd

RISAKO ASAHI If you see ‘Uptown' Brown, you will be tempted to smile or laugh at his performance. At Blues on Broadbeach, ‘Uptown’ Brown performed at many locations but you could never be sure where. He was performing in random places around  … [Read more...]

Three Kings Rule Broadbeach

ANSON LAM Three of Melbourne’s top blues exponents came to the Blues on Broadbeach Music Festival and they ruled. They are known as the Three Kings and they formed in 2011 when Ian Collard, Benny Peters and Jason Liu Soon came together. They were … [Read more...]

International internship student – know more, do more at Blues on Broadbeach

WAI YEUNG Blues on Broadbeach music festival is an Australia's largest free music festival and my first time getting involved in a western culture festival. As an international student, this internship is a precious experience for me to learn about … [Read more...]

Gail Page Wins Hearts

NEEKAH STRICKLAND Gail Page was on stage at Surf Parade for an hour set on the last afternoon of Blues on Broadbeach and she won over an audience that has seen a lot of blues stars this week-end. As Gail’s band introduced her to the stage, a round … [Read more...]

Say ‘aloha’ to Blues on Broadbeach

SELINE TAYLOR It may be difficult to find, but Aloha Bar and Dining is certainly worth a visit during the Blues on Broadbeach festival. Hidden away down the alley near East Broadbeach, this little gem is serving up a delicious quartet of blue … [Read more...]

Stay Awake

NEEKAH STRICKLAND A festival would not be complete without the option of coffee and it’s my job to fill you in on the best ‘cuppas’ in Broadbeach for the Blues on Broadbeach music festival. Whether you can’t start your day without a caffeine hit, … [Read more...]

Alex Hahn & The Blue Riders: Hot in the Heat

RISAKO ASAHI The last day of Blues on Broadbeach is upon us, the sun is hot, the streets of Broadbeach are full of blues fans and in Victoria Park people are relaxing to the soulful blues sounds of Alex Hahn & The Blue Riders. Alex Hahn is the … [Read more...]