Increasing number of Australians taking their lives, statistics show

LUJAYN HAWARI A new statistical analysis shows the number of Australians taking their lives is increasing. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) releases information every year on causes of death in Australia and the most recent … [Read more...]

Census for newbies: lack of motivation from first-time participants

KELSIE IORIO It's census time again, and tonight Australia will pause to 'play a role in Australia's future'. The census of population and housing is designed to count every Australian and collect data on their living arrangements, … [Read more...]

Economists divided over Australia’s financial state

ANETA ZILVAROVA According to new figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics on Wednesday, the national GDP in the June quarter rose by 0.6 per cent to an annual rate of 2.6 per cent. This new figure has slightly exceeded the 0.5 … [Read more...]