Artist captures the beauty of the land

The Violet Van by Amanda Penrose Hart

ROMAN KATO Sydney-based artist Amanda Penrose Hart has just finished an exhibition of a new series of her work that focuses on the Australian landscape. The exhibition, titled ‘Beautiful One Day, Perfect the Next’ ran from August 22 to … [Read more...]

Global organisation set to revolutionise Gold Coast live music scene

KATHRYN UNDERWOOD   Global music organisation, Sofarsounds, has launched on the Gold Coast, giving local artists a platform to showcase their musical talent. The Gold Coast is following in the footsteps of other Australian cities … [Read more...]

Brisbane musicians said to expect adversity

MATT HARDIE Aspiring musicians looking to perform regularly on the Brisbane stage are now facing challenges to gain exposure. Advice from experienced musicians has assisted up-and-comers to better understand the struggles which surround the … [Read more...]