South Sudan humanitarian crisis

ANYIETH KUOTZ As we lead our lives here in Australia almost oblivious to the heartache of poverty, political exploitation and tribalism we miss the opportunity to understand, serve, and appreciate the simple gifts of life. South Sudan is currently … [Read more...]

Growing up abroad: a glimpse back in time

LIAM WIDDICOMBE For nearly a decade now tuning in to the six-o’clock news meant tuning in to the war in the Middle-East; a conflict synonymous with clashing cultures, opposing ideologies, and of course fleeing refugees. It seems we are all too … [Read more...]

Every child deserves a childhood

CASSANDRA PALMER-FIELD Reading books, packing bags and doing homework, for most young children these are the dreaded daily chores. Yet for refugees they are the small pleasures that take their minds off the trauma and tragedy. Australia holds … [Read more...]

Do not pass go, do not collect $200

TAYLOR ROWE The realization of obtaining the jail card in an innocent monopolization situation is hostile to swallow. There is two alternative ways of attaining this card. The first is that you have committed a crime, gone back three spaces or have … [Read more...]

Building a bridge between refugees and Australia through art

REBECCA BATS Once abundant towns, now stand deserted with the sound of  gunfire in nearby mountains which disturb your sleep. Your pillow is wet from the tears you cry not knowing where your family members are. A far too familiar story known to … [Read more...]

Refugees need our support too

ALEX CORBY The Government are currently aiming for Queenslanders to be the healthiest people in the world within the next ten years. Centred in this mission is mental health and aiding suffers across a broad spectrum. Unfortunately, … [Read more...]

Mandatory detention: An investment in the decline of mental health

BY ELIZABETH ANDAL As mandatory detention continues, the mental well-being of the refugee community is suffering. Are we doing the right thing to ensure improvement of mental health? Or is this fundamental goal being overshadowed by alternative … [Read more...]

Documentary: Refugee Restaurant

ANNA J. JAMES   In 2015, Australia resettled 9,399 refugees. Studies show that over a quarter of these refugees suffer from a mental illness within 12 months of resettlement. This documentary is the first report in the Spotlight … [Read more...]

Refugee Restaurant

  ANNA J. JAMES The first part of our Spotlight on Refugees and Mental Health series is Refugee Restaurant, a 10-minute documentary filmed in Brisbane. Refugee Restaurant visits Mu'ooz in West End, a social enterprise and restaurant … [Read more...]