Tattoos: from stigma to unique and popular artwork

CASSANDRA MULHERN Tattoos were once a taboo trend associated with gangs, bikies and criminals, but nowadays the trend has a much wider demographic and a more positive connotation. A study published by the Association for Consumer Research, … [Read more...]

Pressure of university a big trigger of anxiety in students

CASSANDRA MULHERN As semester two of the 2015 university year comes to a close, students are preparing for the stress of final assignments and exams, resulting in intense anxiety for many. Stress is not uncommon among university students, … [Read more...]

Maleny Highschool looks at removing Vocational Education Training

MICHAELA PETROFES Students in years 11 and 12 attending Maleny State High School can expect some major changes with the school ruling to scrap their Vocational Education Training (VET) as of 2016. Students and parents within the Maleny … [Read more...]

Don’t get short changed with incomplete banknotes

ARIANA DEELEY It’s a little known fact that damaged and incomplete banknotes may not be worth their full face value. Brisbane man Tony Morrison found this out the hard way after he received a damaged twenty-dollar note from a fast-food … [Read more...]

Can a black dot make a mark on DV?

MELANIE WHITING A new social media campaign is proving how much impact a little black dot can make in tackling an issue gripping the nation, domestic violence. Black Dot Campaign started as a Facebook page only two weeks ago but has now … [Read more...]

Food retailers misuse Australian Farmer’s Logo

ANIKA MCMAHON   Hospitality and food retailers have been accused of misusing the "Australian Farmers" logo in an attempt to increase their own sales. Fair food organisation, FoodConnect has been working to uncover false claims by … [Read more...]

Wild Ride for Brisbane

JANELSA OUMA               The all new Ford Mustang is soon to arrive in Australia. Source: Flickr. The wait is almost over for the 2,000 Australian Ford customers who have pre-purchased the iconic American Mustang. The car that inspired the … [Read more...]

More support needed for Parkinson’s

CHELSEA MAPPAS Parkinson’s Queensland has hosted A Walk in the Park to provide some much needed support to the Parkinson’s community in Brisbane. The event, supported by Dame Quentin Bryce, was held to help improve quality of life for … [Read more...]

Skippers celebrate 30 year’s of support for Heart Foundation

NAKITA RONTO The Mt Cotton Hoppers are celebrating 30 years fundraising for the Heart Foundation by performing skipping routines at South East Queensland schools. Coach and former team member Taryn Hodgson said she enjoys seeing the … [Read more...]

Working together to change attitudes toward body image

ARIANA DEELEY The Butterfly Foundation for Eating Disorders today launched their ‘Love Your Body Week’ campaign, aiming to raise awareness about eating disorders whilst promoting body confidence in support of 'Body Image and Eating Disorders … [Read more...]