Revitalising ‘The Spit’

The Doug Jennings park at the Gold Coast's Seaway Spit is set to see vast improvements following the approval of stage 3 developments. These developments will see re-alignments of the Ring road, construction of parking bays, sealing of gravel, … [Read more...]

Increasing number of Australians taking their lives, statistics show

LUJAYN HAWARI A new statistical analysis shows the number of Australians taking their lives is increasing. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) releases information every year on causes of death in Australia and the most recent … [Read more...]

Lower survival rates in remote QLD cancer patients

LUJAYN HAWARI A study into breast and bowel cancer survival rates show a decrease in survival rates in remote Queensland. Joint research performed by the Cancer Council and Queensland University of Technology between 2001 and 2011 examined … [Read more...]

Documentary: Refugee Restaurant

ANNA J. JAMES   In 2015, Australia resettled 9,399 refugees. Studies show that over a quarter of these refugees suffer from a mental illness within 12 months of resettlement. This documentary is the first report in the Spotlight … [Read more...]

Blues on Broadbeach to Showcase Local Young Talent

NEEKAH STRICKLAND Griffith University is sponsoring the local initiative ‘Schoolyard Blues’ for the second year in a row at the 2016 Blues on Broadbeach music festival. The ‘Schoolyard Blues’ program provides school students from South-East … [Read more...]

Island Festival brings community together on tenth anniversary

JODIE DEAN North Stradbroke celebrates ten years of the Island Vibe Festival this weekend, bringing the community together and promoting local artists. Local artist Clara Durbidge has performed at the festival every year since its conception … [Read more...]

Donated Nappies Helping Families in Need

SARAH DIONYSIUS Co-founder of The Nappy Collective Moran Dvir says nappy donations are making a world of difference to victims of domestic violence. The Nappy Collective is an initiative founded by a group of Melbourne mums whose goal is to … [Read more...]

Tattoos: from stigma to unique and popular artwork

CASSANDRA MULHERN Tattoos were once a taboo trend associated with gangs, bikies and criminals, but nowadays the trend has a much wider demographic and a more positive connotation. A study published by the Association for Consumer Research, … [Read more...]

Pressure of university a big trigger of anxiety in students

CASSANDRA MULHERN As semester two of the 2015 university year comes to a close, students are preparing for the stress of final assignments and exams, resulting in intense anxiety for many. Stress is not uncommon among university students, … [Read more...]

Maleny Highschool looks at removing Vocational Education Training

MICHAELA PETROFES Students in years 11 and 12 attending Maleny State High School can expect some major changes with the school ruling to scrap their Vocational Education Training (VET) as of 2016. Students and parents within the Maleny … [Read more...]