How Indigenous vegetables can end malnutrition and poverty in underdeveloped countries

TESSA DIGRANDI The key to combating malnutrition and poverty is in promoting indigenous vegetables, World Vegetable Centre Director General Dr Dyno Keatinge, said in Brisbane this week. Dr Keatinge told the International Horticultural … [Read more...]

Research to make real field turf a viable option once again

ARIANA DEELEYArtificial turf may be the hot new thing in sporting field surfaces but researchers say it’s time to get back to reality.Speaking at the International Horticultural Congress in Brisbane this week, head of research at the Sports Turf … [Read more...]

New apple ready to roll into the Australian market

LACEE BUZZA A fresh new apple variety will soon be ready for Australian lunchboxes. Celebrated for its vibrant colour, crunchy texture and sweet taste, the Kalei apple promises to stay in prime eating condition for up to three … [Read more...]

Funding shortage puts the brakes on Filipino research

SARA CUPOVIC The Philippines has embraced biotechnologies to genetically modify high yielding crops, but a shortage of funding and experienced researchers is hampering progress, a leading Filipino researcher said in Brisbane this … [Read more...]

Australian organic plant manufacturing industry in good Shape

JACK DAVISON Australia’s Medicinal Aromatic Plant (MAP) industry is on solid ground, but  more investment is needed to ensure fresh opportunities bloom. University of West Hungary Botany Professor Akos Mathé told the International … [Read more...]

One hundred dollar mangoes are being grown in Japan’s coldest climate

APRIL CLARKE Bitter winters are no match for Japanese mango farmers who have turned to new greenhouse technologies to ensure consumers can buy the prized local fruit all year round. Associate professor at Japan’s Kinki University Dr Shinya … [Read more...]

Cranberry juice shown to have long term health benefits

CARINA DRUCE Drinking cranberry juice may help prevent some of our biggest killers including heart disease, diabetes and cancer, new research suggests. Quebec based Laval University, Professor Yves Desjardins told the International … [Read more...]

Society unaware of benefits from urban forest

JASMINE BUCK Urban forests and a good tree cover can be a matter of life and death, one of Australia's foremost experts in urban tree management and arboriculture, said in Brisbane this week. Melbourne University horticulturalist Dr Greg … [Read more...]

Biofortifed vegetables could increase life expectancy

SARAH BEECROFT New developments in biofortification suggest corn, broccoli and tomatoes could be leading the prevention of age degenerative diseases in the developed world. Speaking at the International Horticultural Congress in Brisbane … [Read more...]