Go nuts for Nuts

ISABELLA MARSH Recent data released from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows Australians are still not eating enough nuts. Figures released from the ABS in May show that while Australians are eating 60% more nuts than in 1995 we still … [Read more...]

Consumer focus in the new age of genetically modified crops

SAMANTHA MEHAN Consumer focused GM crops are taking over from traditional GM crops designed to benefit producers, a leading crop geneticist said in Brisbane this week. University of Copenhagen Professor Renate Müller told the International … [Read more...]

High paying jobs have few takers in Horticulture

KENDALL DAVIES High paying jobs go begging as job seekers remain unaware of green pastures in horticulture. Charles Sturt University Professor Jim Pratley told the International Horticultural Congress job seekers were unaware of employment … [Read more...]

Australian import regulations worsen Pacific Island livelihoods

CHELSEA MAPPAS Australia’s ‘unscientific’ quarantine regulations have denied much needed export markets for Pacific Island taro, a leading industry expert said in Brisbane this week. Fiji based Nature’s Way Cooperative Chief Executive, Mr … [Read more...]

New greenhouse control technologies create cleaner, high-quality vegetables

JACK LAWRIE Plant factories in Japan are capable of producing up to one hundred times the amount of vegetables produced in open fields, thanks to new developments in greenhouse cultivation Chief-Director of the Japan Plant Factory … [Read more...]

Everything old is new again

JACKSON IRVINE Old favourites and heirloom crops are making a comeback in readiness for tomorrow’s fruit and vegetable markets, an international crop genetics expert said in Brisbane this week. Polytechnic University of Valencia … [Read more...]

Placing stadium sports turf research on top of priority list

MICHAEL HERNANDEZ New research into grass management and maintenance for premier sports stadiums is long overdue, a leading turf expert said this week. The push for renewed research comes as pressure grows for high quality sports turf in … [Read more...]

The tools to sustainable urban landscapes

TESSA FOX Modern urban landscapes should be more than just pretty shrubbery, they should be clever, climate-ready green spaces that make urban living better, international horticulturalists heard this week. In his presentation at the 29th … [Read more...]

Technology is reducing water pollution in the Great Barrier Reef

JASMINE DUX Surveillance technology that can monitor farm runoff is the latest high-tech innovation being used to protect water quality on the Great Barrier Reef. Queensland Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry researcher Dr … [Read more...]

Papaya research could rid plant disease for good

SARAH DIONYSIUS Exotic fruit could be the key to eradicating plant disease and reducing crop loss. Research presented at the International Horticulture Congress in Brisbane this week detailed how tropical papaya is being used as a model … [Read more...]