Blues on Broadbeach _The Sunday Experience

The Blues on Broadbeach Sunday Experience featured some of the great highlights of the weekend. … [Read more...]

Movie World ‘Fright Night’ fear after Dream World tragedy

ALANNAH KERR Movie World 'Fright Night', is a night held on behalf of Halloween for Australians and tourists where halloween is taken to the next level of scary, involving mazes of zombies and other scary characters from movies like The Conjuring … [Read more...]

Good Morning GC

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N-Bomb to blame for Gold Coast overdoses

JARRAD BOYD The psychoactive drug NBOMe or N-Bomb is to blame for up to 16 overdoses and one death in and around Surfers Paradise over the weekend of the 15th and 16th of October. It was initially thought that the drug which had caused all … [Read more...]

Four dead at Dreamworld following accident

JARRAD BOYD Four people have been killed at one of Australia's most popular theme parks, Dreamworld. Police were called to the Gold Coast theme park early Tuesday afternoon following reports that a number of people had been injured on one … [Read more...]

Crafted Coast Tours: the local Gold Coast experience

THOMAS PITTS I'll admit it: despite living in South East Queensland for most of my life, I haven't travelled within my amazing region. Where does one start there's too many options and hidden treasures? That's where Crafted Coast Tour Co fits … [Read more...]

Mason Rack Band

WAI YEUNG On the final day of the Blues on Broadbeach music festival  Mason Rack Band dominated the Surf Parade stage in the warm-up to Eric Burdon and The Animals closed . Mason Rack was excited and his performance showed a man enjoying his craft … [Read more...]

Blues on Broadbeach still growing and going strong

SELINE TAYLOR As the Blues on Broadbeach Festival draws to a close, repeat festival goers will leave satisfied that this year’s return was well worth the visit. It is a testament to the festival’s continuing appeal that many festival goers have … [Read more...]

Background Staff Keep the Festival Going

ANSON LAM Blues on Broadbeach is the largest free music festival in Australia. Last year's event saw more than 127,000 people attend. In order to hold this huge event, there is a large team of organizers to keeping everything on track.   I … [Read more...]

Three Kings Rule Broadbeach

ANSON LAM Three of Melbourne’s top blues exponents came to the Blues on Broadbeach Music Festival and they ruled. They are known as the Three Kings and they formed in 2011 when Ian Collard, Benny Peters and Jason Liu Soon came together. They were … [Read more...]