Anyieth Kuotz

Anyieth Kuotz is an African-Australian aspiring journalist who desires for a more accepting world. With a passion for culture and social issues she takes on topics that society faces in the hope of educating, enlightening, and enthralling. Anyieth … [Read more...]

Yasmin Nelson

Yasmin moved to Brisbane from Byron Bay two years ago to pursue her thriving passion for journalism, particularly in the Radio Industry. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Communication, majoring in Marketing and Journalism at Griffith and … [Read more...]

Rebecca Bats

Rebecca Bats is a freelance journalist, currently writing for The Source News whose main interests include politics and foreign affairs, environmental issues and popular culture. Rebecca was drawn to the industry by the exciting prospect of having a … [Read more...]

Alannah Kerr

Alannah is a journalist for The Source News, covering a wide range of newsworthy stories. Everything from Sports, Politics, Entertainment, Finance, Fashion & Beauty, Celebrity and Local News. Alannah's goal is to report the best newsworthy … [Read more...]

Aaron Cooper

Aaron is a Journalist for the Source News and has a great passion for sport. This passion has seen him take on roles including lead radio commentator covering Queensland Premier Rugby, as well as seizing opportunities to work alongside some of his … [Read more...]

Alex Corby

ALEX CORBY Photo by Alex Corby   Alex Corby is a Journalist working with the source news. The topics he finds most engaging are the Environment, LGBTIQ issues, as well as travel both local and international. He has a keen eye on the … [Read more...]

Jess Robertson

Jess has a particular interest in social justice and wants to cover stories that make a difference.  She also enjoys writing about fitness, music and cinematography. Jess also works as a freelance social media consultant, working together with … [Read more...]

Kelsie Iorio

Journalist and photographer Kelsie Iorio is originally  from Mackay and is currently living, working and studying in Brisbane. She has a keen interest in arts, entertainment, modern history, food and sport. Kelsie's goals include becoming an … [Read more...]

Cassandra Palmer-Field

Cassandra has a keen interest in politics and law and has previously worked with Griffith University's Project Safe Space, working with survivors of domestic violence. Cassandra is passionate about writing about social and political … [Read more...]

Samuel Burnett

Sam is a self described nerd who works as a freelance writer. While he prefers the lighter side of news, upcoming films and events, he is still capable of tackling the big issues. His interests include jogging, reading and striving for world peace. … [Read more...]