New technique to grow avocado trees could make shortages of the fruit a thing of the past

RUBY PASCOE The new stem cell multiplication method could increase avocado production in Queensland by supplying 500-fold more avocado plants to the industry. Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation, Professor Neena Mitter is … [Read more...]

Marriage equality doorknock draws a crowd

TALISA ELEY The marriage equality debate is still in full force, with hundreds of thousands Yes voters taking to the streets over the weekend to secure more support. Australians took up door knocking across the country, in the hopes of gaining … [Read more...]

Bulimia rise in high school students

Eating disorders are the 3rd most common chronic illness in young women today. Recent research from 'Eating Disorders Victoria' shows one in five girls will experience an eating disorder. Some believe it’s all social media’s fault, whilst others say … [Read more...]

Oz Comic-Con prop weapons safety

Questions are being asked about the safety of Australian comic conventions after a man entered a recent comic convention in Phoenix, in the United states, carrying 4 loaded guns and a knife. With Brisbane's Oz Comic con fast approaching in … [Read more...]

The Source News on Global Digital – 19 September

This week, on the Source news: A rundown on Donald Trump's United Nations speech, how the President's fiery rant at other world leaders caused controversy. Also on the Source news this week, we take a look at local Brisbane stories, how religion … [Read more...]

Marriage Law and mental health

The Mental Health of those most affected by the Australian Marriage Law debate must be considered during the postal survey, says the National Mental Health Commission. Jake Day reports. … [Read more...]

Marriage Law postal survey explainer

Australia's Marriage Law Survey has officially begun. Jake Day reports. … [Read more...]

Residents concerned as mining begins at Bald Hills

MEG BOLTON Despite seven years of resident action aimed at stopping the plans, sand and gravel extraction has started in Bald Hills. Residents bordering the site area, 30 minutes north of Brisbane, are concerned the works will disrupt the local … [Read more...]

Brisbane ID scanners “an international joke”

Problems with Queensland's lockout laws are frustrating local clubs and pubs. Many are now asking... Have Queensland's lockout laws and ID scanners ruined Brisbane's international reputation as a 'new world city'? Jessica Mylne reports. … [Read more...]

Distracting drivers a killer on QLD roads

MEG BOLTON The RACQ has just released new research showing 85 per cent of high school students admit to being a distracting car passenger. Queensland’s males aged 17-24 were identified to be most at risk of being involved in a crash and were also … [Read more...]