The Lachy Doley Group features keyboard magic

RISAKO ASAHI Lachy Doley plays Hammond organ and today showed his unique techniques on the Surf Parade stage at Blues on Broadbeach. Doley is Australia’s most celebrated blues and soul organ players and he gets some unbelievable sounds from his … [Read more...]

Victoria Park serves up great food with the blues

SELINE TAYLOR The Victoria Park Stage at the Blues on Broadbeach Festival will play host to some fantastic artists this weekend and the equally fantastic eateries nearby will keep festival goers comfortably full for the duration. If blues fans grow … [Read more...]

Phil Wiggins and Don Turner: two blues devotees

WAI YEUNG Dom Turner and Phil Wiggins are two blues devotees who are back at the Blues on Broadbeach free music festival again this year. Dom and Phil had a show on the Surf Parade stage this Saturday morning and people experienced the different … [Read more...]

Win a Signed Guitar at Blues on Broadbeach

RISAKO ASAHI As part of the Blues on Broadbeach, the Broadbeach Alliance offers audience members the opportunity to write down their names and email addresses to win a guitar covered by artists signatures. There are two guitars, red and white, with … [Read more...]

Something Personal from Performers

RISAKO ASAHI One of the fun things to do at Blues on Broadbeach is to get your favourite artists to sign their latest work. At the On–site Retail store, artists' signings are held all day. Artists will come to the signings straight after their … [Read more...]

Josh Needs, Young Blues Talent

ANSON LAM The Blues on Broadbeach Music Festival has hit its third big day and the fun is really pumping now. One thing coming into focus is how much the Blues on Broadbeach is platform for musicians and public to learn more about blues. For sure, … [Read more...]

It’s Not Just Music

NEEKAH STRICKLAND Blues on Broadbeach Music Festival is renowned for its amazing talent line-ups and musical atmosphere, but it’s much more than that. Lantern lights lacing the streets, hidden bars tucked away and markets brimming with … [Read more...]

Adam Hole Rocks Out at Blues on Broadbeach

RISAKO ASAHI Adam Hole has an almost mystic connection to his guitar as this video shows.   … [Read more...]

Enjoying Genevieve Chadwick

RISAKO ASAHI Genevieve Chadwick is one of Australia's most outstanding emerging female blues musicians and she is on-stage every day of the Blues on Broadbeach free music festival. Genevieve played Blues on Broadbeach for the first time four years … [Read more...]

21st Century gives you a new blues experience

WAI YEUNG This year Blues on Broadbeach has produced a mobile app “BluesonBB” for people's convenience so they can get information easier and faster. “BluesonBB” not only gives you the information about the festival, it provides other kinds of … [Read more...]