Alex Hahn & The Blue Riders: Hot in the Heat

RISAKO ASAHI The last day of Blues on Broadbeach is upon us, the sun is hot, the streets of Broadbeach are full of blues fans and in Victoria Park people are relaxing to the soulful blues sounds of Alex Hahn & The Blue Riders. Alex Hahn is the … [Read more...]

Last Chance to Catch the Blues

ANSON LAM Blues on Broadbeach Music Festival has already run for 3 days and Sunday 22 May is the final chance to hear famous blues artists and have a wonderful day with your family. Sunday is a big day with lots of famous artists performing through … [Read more...]

Blues Internship: the inside story

NEEKAH STRICKLAND Representing Griffith University was a big deal for us as we interned at one of the largest free music festivals in Australia, Blues on Broadbeach. As final year Communication students, the importance of gaining real life work … [Read more...]

Crowds flocked to Blues on Broadbeach last night

WAI YEUNG Saturday night is the biggest night of the Blues on Broadbeach music festival and the crowds took over the streets all over the suburb. People enjoyed the festival, moving from venue to venue in search of more Blues music. The streets  … [Read more...]

Felicity Lawless, One to Remember

NEEKAH STRICKLAND While Victoria Park at may be one of the smaller stages at Blues on Broadbeach, it features some of the festival’s greatest talents. Felicity Lawless, one of few female performers at the festival, took to the stage at 4:00pm this … [Read more...]

8 Ball Aitken in hot tomato soup!

WAI YEUNG As temperatures spiked this afternoon, 8 Ball Aitken gave a fervent performance to all the blues fans at the 102.9 Hot Tomato Spotlight stage at the Blues on Broadbeach Music Fesival. 8 Ball Aitken was so good at interacting with the … [Read more...]

Blues on Broadbeach through Asian Eyes

ANSOM LAM I am an international university student from Hong Kong and I have been living here on the Gold Coast since 2014 but the Blues on Broadbeach Music Festival has been a real eye-opener for me. Hong Kong is a huge ‘Sleepless City’ where life … [Read more...]

A 3D printed Guitar at Blues on Broadbeach

RISAKO ASAHI While Blues on Broadbeach has a competition where attendees can win a guitar signed by festival artists sign, Griffith University (home of The Source News) has an entirely different guitar competition. Griffith University's Queensland … [Read more...]

Broadbeach Digs Geoff Achison

NEEKAH STRICKLAND The Blues on Broadbeach Surf Parade stage was home to yet another renowned blues band this afternoon: Geoff Achison and the Souldiggers. The artist and his supporting band arrived right on time and kicked off their set at … [Read more...]

Blues on Broadbeach, Raising GC’s Reputation

ANSON LAM Blues on Broadbeach Music Festival is a great music festival for the Gold Coast. Founded in 2002, the festival celebrates it 15th birthday this year. It is Australia's biggest free music festival and draws significant crowds from around … [Read more...]