The dangers of discarded line

BY LIAM WIDDICOMBE A day fishing by the beach may seem like a harmless enough activity for most, however according to Rowley Goonan of Wild Bird Rescues, the discarded fishing line and hooks that you may leave behind can pose one of the greatest … [Read more...]

Growing up abroad: a glimpse back in time

LIAM WIDDICOMBE For nearly a decade now tuning in to the six-o’clock news meant tuning in to the war in the Middle-East; a conflict synonymous with clashing cultures, opposing ideologies, and of course fleeing refugees. It seems we are all too … [Read more...]

Medicinal marijuana to be available with no criminal history checks?

LIAM WIDDICOMBE Criminal history checks on doctors and patients wanting to access medicinal marijuana should not be relevant regarding applications to access the drug, a parliamentary committee has argued. This follows the delivery of a special … [Read more...]

Calls for government action as Mackay removes fluoride from water supply

LIAM WIDDICOMBE Following a decision from the Mackay City Council to remove fluoride from its water supply, the Queensland government is facing calls to make fluoridation a compulsory practice. Mackay is only the latest in councils to make the … [Read more...]

Brisbane River at its cleanest since 2013

LIAM WIDDICOMBE With its grey-green water and muddy banks, the Brisbane River hasn't been winning any awards for clarity or beauty lately , however all that might be changing as the river reaches its cleanest levels since the 2013 … [Read more...]

Maroochydore to revolutionise waste disposal

LIAM WIDDICOMBE Following a contract signed between the Sunshine Coast regional council and Swedish waste company Envac, the Maroochydore CBD will see over six kilometres of underground vacuum pipes installed in an effort to  make the city one … [Read more...]

Community gardens cultivating a healthier society

LIAM WIDDICOMBE Community gardens have always been a place to come together, learn, relax and make new friends — however, according to the Toowoomba Community Organic Gardens (TCOG) it may also do wonders for your health and the wider … [Read more...]

Queensland changes smoking laws

LIAM WIDDICOMBE Following controversial smoking laws passed earlier this year, further restrictions may see Queensland become the strictest Australian state when it comes to where you can and can't smoke. New regulations coming into effect today, … [Read more...]

Brisbane start-up ‘Cardihab’ to revolutionize rehabilitation

LIAM WIDDICOMBE 'Cardihab', a Brisbane based start-up aims to save thousands of lives every year in Australia through monitoring the rehabilitation process of those with cardiovascular disease. Through linking a patients daily routine, diet … [Read more...]

William Street to be closed for 6 years

LIAM WIDDICOMBE One of Brisbane's busiest inner-city streets will be closed for six years and 50 bus routes changed to allow work to begin on the new Queen's Wharf Casino. It is the start of a ten million dollar project needed to begin … [Read more...]