Investigations begin over suspicious arsonist attack.

TAYLOR ROWE Police are treating a car fire near Renown Park in Adelaide’s north as suspicious. Midnight last night, a green Toyota Kluger was engulfed by flames and completely destroyed. This arson attack was thought to be deliberately lit … [Read more...]

One year after a drug related death and festival goers still ignore the warnings

TAYLOR ROWE Police have slammed the behavior of festival-goers, after reportedly laying more than 40 drug charges last weekend. The Dragon Dreaming Festival held just outside the ACT saw over one-hundred drug detection's, forty-four … [Read more...]

Do not pass go, do not collect $200

TAYLOR ROWE The realization of obtaining the jail card in an innocent monopolization situation is hostile to swallow. There is two alternative ways of attaining this card. The first is that you have committed a crime, gone back three spaces or have … [Read more...]

Croc sighting amid rowing championships

TAYLOR ROWE A monster crocodile was reportedly spotted off the Burnett traffic bridge one month prior to the State Championship Rowing Regatta event. It gave great concern to the parents and kids competing in this year's Regatta. Tasha Eagle, … [Read more...]

Horrific CCTV of random attacker punching woman on crowded London Street

TAYLOR ROWE WARNING: This video contains explicit images, some viewers may find disturbing. Shocking CCTV footage has emerged of a woman being … [Read more...]

Lack of evidence suggests Lunar Lunacy is a myth!

TAYLOR ROWE For thousands of years, researchers have been attempting to prove that a full moon affects human behaviour. The conspiracy theory of higher hospital admissions, increased crime and general loco mannerisms have now been proven … [Read more...]

Should wealthy parents pay to send their kids to State-Schools?

TAYLOR ROWE It's a long dividing debate. Should wealthy parents ultimately pay to send their kids to Government-funded State Schools? With a new funding system being announced early next year, government authorities are beginning to feel … [Read more...]

Signs lead to worst economic crash

TAYLOR ROWE With innovation exceeding the current demand, investors gradually stepping back and limited bank loans on offer, it is easy to jump to conclusion. Brett Gillan is a current investor who wishes to keep his company under wraps, he … [Read more...]

‘Let’s get physical’: Police release hilarious 80s recruitment video

TAYLOR ROWE Jane Fonda would even approve of this latest viral video that’s sent social … [Read more...]

Air-conditioner unit the cause of severe house fire.

TAYLOR ROWE   An Ipswich home has been inundated with flames leaving a mother and her three kids devastated and in shock. It was before 7:00am on Tuesday morning where mother Skye Skerry woke up to smoke bellowing out the window. “I woke … [Read more...]