Overpopulation: When is enough, enough?

THOMAS PITTS As the earth begins to reach a human population of over 7.5 billion and counting, numerous groups have formed globally to oppose an ever expanding population, which they believe is detrimental to the earth and the current living … [Read more...]

Katter blasts supermarkets for pressuring “the little guy”

THOMAS PITTS Bob Katter the member for Kennedy in Northern Queensland says that the corporate culture of major supermarkets in Australia need to be properly investigated, as he believes they're close to breaching the criminal code. Woolworths is in … [Read more...]

The dangers of hating the Melbourne Cup

THOMAS PITTS Another Melbourne Cup has passed, but the cost to Australia is not only taking the next day off work with a bad hangover, but supporting a day which animal activists say kill thousands of horses and basically tortures them, but there … [Read more...]

Eating Disorders: The online ‘Thinspiration’ cheer squad

THOMAS PITTS In recent times social media trends have seen the rise in the hashtag 'Thinspiration', Pininterest has now made any search for 'Thinspiration' to be accompanied with eating disorder warning messages. Thinspiration is not only a … [Read more...]

Vote Trump, Australia?

THOMAS PITTS America is now in it's final week of a long and fiery presidential campaign which has been depicted by many media outlets as a very tight race, since Trump announced his candidacy there has been a wave of Australian support and a wave … [Read more...]

Crafted Coast Tours: the local Gold Coast experience

THOMAS PITTS I'll admit it: despite living in South East Queensland for most of my life, I haven't travelled within my amazing region. Where does one start there's too many options and hidden treasures? That's where Crafted Coast Tour Co fits … [Read more...]

Sea Shepherd gears up to stop new Japanese whaling fleet

THOMAS PITTS Sea Shepherd is heading up their new campaign 'Operation Nemesis' which  entails preparing a fleet to combat a renewed Japanese whaling armada that is setting out to hunt 300 whales in the Southern Antarctic Oceans. Japan have … [Read more...]

The internet: the vegans movement’s new best friend

THOMAS PITTS According to Google Trends, Australians lead the world in researching the word 'vegan'. This comes as no surprise as Australia is set to see the third largest market growth in the world in vegan products over the next five years, … [Read more...]

MSF leave Northern Yemen after Hospital strikes continue

THOMAS PITTS In the past 12 months Yemen's ongoing conflict has seen thousands killed and more disturbingly, Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) hospitals continually struck by coalition aerial bombardment. On August 15th 2016 the bloodiest attack on a … [Read more...]

Brisbane becomes Australia’s new horror movie capital

THOMAS PITTS On September 3rd, over 1400 horror fans descended on Sirromet Winery at Mt Cotton in Brisbane to enjoy scares, terror, gore and of course, horror films at the first instalment of The Horror Movie Camp-out in Queensland. From the moment … [Read more...]