What I learned from two experienced journalists about the importance of investigative journalism

TAYLOR TOOVEY Last week, Griffith University's Integrity 20 brought together some of the greatest minds to discuss the global challenges facing our world in this age of insecurities. Displacement, censorship, conflict, terrorism, inequality, … [Read more...]

A forgotten war as remembered by William

TAYLOR TOOVEY Do you remember the War in Chechnya that left 50,000 - 100,000 people dead and 500,000 displaced in just two years? This war was likely in your lifetime yet the atrocities imposed upon Chechen civilians in the First Chechen War … [Read more...]

Peter Greste on safe journalism

TAYLOR TOOVEY Former Al Jazeera foreign correspondent and freelance contributor to ABC Four Corners, Peter Greste spoke at the Integrity 20 about how the UN and other organisations are trying to make journalism safer. He said journalists need to be … [Read more...]

Doco Audrie & Daisy exposes disturbing trend in victim blaming

TAYLOR TOOVEY Documentary filmmakers, Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk have yet again delivered a confronting and discussion - provocative doco about sexual assault and how "shame is trending." The new Netflix documentary, Audrie & Daisy … [Read more...]

Petition wants public transport badges for travellers with invisible disabilities

TAYLOR TOOVEY A change.org petition has called on Victorian officials to help people with invisible disabilities get a seat on public transport using priority badges. The petition was started by a 25-year-old Chronic Fatigue Syndrome … [Read more...]

GOLD enhances life for socially isolated

TAYLOR TOOVEY The Growing Older and Living Danger (GOLD) initiative of the Brisbane City Council offers health and wellbeing activities to residents over 50. The program began in 1997 and has proven popular with more than 30,000 people … [Read more...]

Councillor questions accuracy of BCC homelessness statistics

TAYLOR TOOVEY The Brisbane City Council (BCC) 'Housing and homelessness' page of their website has been a source of speculation over whether the statistics accurately portray the number of homeless and insecurely housed in central Brisbane. The … [Read more...]

How Facebook contributes to Anti-Muslim sentiment

TAYLOR TOOVEY Some would say anti-Muslim Facebook pages exists as a platform for self – expression regarding Islam and Muslims. However, this self - expression that Australians have an implied constitutional right to, is not necessarily without … [Read more...]

Need for more discussion around paedophilia in order to prevent child sex abuse

TAYLOR TOOVEY Paedophilia is a stigmatised and misunderstood mental disorder that Australia needs to have more open conversations about if we are to help prevent it. This is a serious mental illness that doesn't have a uniform cause or cure, … [Read more...]

Wig studio empowers people experiencing hair loss

TAYLOR TOOVEY Pacific Hair and Wig Studios in Sunnybank Hills and Nerang want to help those suffering hair loss with a little bit of confidence. According to the Cancer Council of Australia, common and natural reactions to hair loss include … [Read more...]