Movie World Unveils New Ride

TAYLA SWALES Movie World has its new ride and attraction area: The Doomsday Destroyer and DC Comic Book Super Villians Unleashed. Tayla Swales went along to test out the new ride. … [Read more...]

Supa-Fans Unite for Supanova!

TAYLA SWALES Pop Culture fever will hit Brisbane this weekend as Supanova Pop Culture Expo returns for another year. Now in its 18th year of returning to Brisbane, Supanova brings along a weekend of celebrities, fans, activities, competitions, … [Read more...]

Is Australia fully equipped to supply correct mental health services to arriving refugees?

TAYLA SWALES Last month Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced Australia will begin to take in refugees from Central America, increasing Australia’s refugee intake by 36%. Mr Turnbull announced the motion in September at the United Nations … [Read more...]

Making a Murderer with Attorneys Dean Strang & Jerry Buting

TAYLA SWALES Brisbane Fans of the popular Netflix series Making a Murderer are excited to welcome defense lawyers Dean Strang and Jerry Buting to QPAC tonight. Mr Strang and Mr Buting are defense lawyers for Steven Avery who is the focus of the … [Read more...]

How video game companies are making money off your childhood

TAYLA SWALES As Pokémon GO rose to popularity this year, people around the world were hit with a sense of nostalgia from the mobile application. During its peak, Pokémon GO was estimated to have around 9.5 million daily users around the world … [Read more...]

Donors Information Acessed in Australians Largest Data Leak

TAYLA SWALES The Australian Red Cross has confirmed that the personal information of over 550,000 Australians has been leaked to the public. The announcement came over the weekend that the personal information of Australians has been leaked – … [Read more...]

The Great Aussie Microchip Blitz 2016

TAYLA SWALES From the 19th and 20th of November, dogs, cats, owners and animal lovers will gather together across Australia for The Great Aussie Microchip Blitz 2016. The microchip blitz involves micro chipping over 20,000 pets at PETstock … [Read more...]

Activists and Enthusiast clash over Melbourne Cup

TAYLA SWALES As the Melbourne Cup wraps for another year, animal activists and racing enthusiasts are clashing over the well-being of the animals. This year’s Melbourne Cup is the first Melbourne Cup since 2012 that a horse has not died after … [Read more...]

9 out of 10 Australians using asthma puffers wrong

  TAYLA SWALES New data released reveals that nine out of ten asthmatics around Australia are using their inhalers wrong. One in every ten Australians suffers from asthma, that’s 2.3 Million people using inhalers. Suffers most likely to … [Read more...]

Melanie Martinez’s first Brisbane Performance

TAYLA SWALES   Tuesday night saw Melanie Martinez perform live for the first time in Brisbane to a sold out crowd. Tayla Swales went along to check out all the … [Read more...]