Could you design the next Loo-vre?

SHAY LEDINGHAM A Sunshine Coast competition is expected to draw artists, architects, designers and students from around the world, all for the purpose of creating a very important piece of functioning public art: a dunny. The Kenilworth … [Read more...]

Opinion: Abortion rights in Queensland need to change

SHAY LEDINGHAM If you’re seeking one, you’re probably trying to do the right thing. Perhaps the decision to get one has been morally agonising. Or it might have been comfortable and straightforward. Really though, the reason for getting … [Read more...]

Domestic violence: state laws to ‘ouster’ perpetrators from homes

SHAY LEDINGHAM Proposed legislative changes will help domestic and family violence sufferers remain in their homes, the state government says. The flagged amendments would make it mandatory for Magistrates to consider ‘ouster conditions’, … [Read more...]

Premier to have “blood on her hands” over CSG crisis

SHAY LEDINGHAM Queensland’s premier will have "blood on her hands" if the government continues to ignore farmers’ distress over the coal seam gas mining industry, say political and public voices. Braving the lashings of an early summer … [Read more...]

Technology key to boosting mental health

SHAY LEDINGHAM Online and mobile applications are giving people the opportunity to effectively manage their own mental health. By providing easily accessible, self-managed apps, industry practitioners are seeing positive results in treating … [Read more...]

Rosie Batty: “Things will get worse before they get better”

SHAY LEDINGHAM Australian of the Year Rosie Batty has called for continued vigilance in the fight against family violence, saying that things will possibly get worse before they get better. Speaking at the Brisbane launch for her co-authored … [Read more...]

Queensland begins inquiry into Human Rights Act

SHAY LEDINGHAM   The State government has pledged to begin a parliamentary inquiry into the possibility of Queensland adopting a Human Rights Act. Proposed by independent MP Peter Wellington, the reform would see Queensland join Victoria … [Read more...]

Speech therapy a secure study option

SHAY LEDINGHAM A lack of speech pathologists in regional and rural areas is being overlooked as a secure career option for young Australians. According to a report released earlier this week, The Foundation for Young Australians found … [Read more...]