The Nuclear Dilemma

SHARN KENNEDY "The release of atomic energy has not created a new problem. It has merely made more urgent the necessity of solving an existing one.” That was a quote from Albert Einstein, the man who first discovered how to tap into the atomic … [Read more...]

The shores of Tuvalu

SHARN KENNEDY I recently had the chance to escape the stresses and chaos of everyday life, and return to my families holiday home in the Sunshine Coast. It was the place I considered to be home, not because of the amount of time spent there, but the … [Read more...]

How we can use artificial intelligence to reshape our future

SHARN KENNEDY At the rate technology is advancing it won't be long until we have developed artificial intelligence that possesses the potential to surpass our own capabilities. The question is, would such a technology be beneficial or … [Read more...]

The Great Australian Plight

SHARN KENNEDY The decision on BP's application to drill in the Great Australian Bight has been delayed, as new data shows that a spill in the region could have wide-spreading consequences across Australia. An oil spill within the Bight is predicted … [Read more...]

Labor’s organised crime proposal sets its sights on repealing the VLAD laws

SHARN KENNEDY The Queensland Government's proposed Serious and Organised Crime Bill has the potential to re-shape the legal and justice system, after Labor commissioned a review of the organised crime laws in 2015. The Labor party promised to … [Read more...]

Walking the black dog

SHARN KENNEDY Our canine friends have always been good to us, but a Brisbane organisation hopes to connect those who may not have their own to those who need it the most. Borrow Dogs is an organisation which connects pets whose owners may not … [Read more...]

Brisbane welcomes home our Olympians

SHARN KENNEDY Queen Street mall was packed today as Aussie Olympians were greeted with supporters to welcome the athletes home. Having competed in the Rio Olympics, and now back on home ground, our athletes were more then enthusiastic to mingle … [Read more...]

It’s Science National Week

SHARN KENNEDY Around Australia this week, the 19th National Science Week is being held to celebrate the achievements made by the scientific community. From the ABC to CSIRO and the Queensland Museum, exhibits and lectures are in full swing and … [Read more...]

Carlton United Brewery leaves workers high and dry

SHARN KENNEDY 55 workers at the Abbortford brewery in Melbourne have been served a nasty surprise after being sacked, then offered their jobs back with at a 65% rate cut. The move by the Carlton United Brewery has sparked outrage, as … [Read more...]

New Zealanders draw the short straw living in Australia

SHARN KENNEDY New Zealand and Australia may share a unique relationship, but New Zealand citizens living in Australia are usually given a raw deal. Legislation changes to the status of New Zealand citizens migrating to Australia after 2001 … [Read more...]