Dodgy overseas tattoos can be life-risking decisions

RENATA NEMETH Australian travellers who get a tattoo or body piercing while on holiday are unaware of, or ignoring the risk of the potential to cause HIV and hepatitis infections. In 2012, Indonesian authorities estimated that one in four … [Read more...]

New evidence to prevent peanut allergy in infants

RENATA NEMETH Introducing peanuts to high-risk infants early on can reduce the risk of peanut allergy according to new evidence from The Learning Early About Peanut Allergy (LEAP) Study. Around three per cent of children, or one child in … [Read more...]

They were the victims of Umpqua school shooting

RENATA NEMETH   Nine people fell victim when Chris Harper-Mercer opened fire at Umpqua Community College in the US state of Oregon on October 1. Last Friday, the police in Roseburg, Oregon, published the names of the people who died … [Read more...]

Nutella campaign gets twisted

RENATA NEMETH Nutella's newly launched campaign in Australia, YourNutella, saw a darker side as people created inappropriate labels to share across social media. The campaign encouraged customers to submit a personalised label, share it on … [Read more...]

September sheds light on children’s cancer

RENATA NEMETH September is International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and a time to shed light on children’s cancer and the need for improved diagnosis, treatment and outcomes. Statistics show an estimated 650 children aged 0-14 years … [Read more...]

Bring out the Viking in you at the Scandinavian Festival

RENATA NEMETH A cultural evolution comes to Brisbane next weekend when the Scandinavian Festival presents real life Vikings along with traditional food and beverage. Now in its fourth year, the Scandinavian Festival is one of Brisbane’s … [Read more...]

Australia’s largest Microtia and Atresia Conference opens worlds

RENATA NEMETH   International and national Microtia and Atresia leaders are gathering in Brisbane this weekend for Hear and Say’s biggest Microtia and Atresia Conference in Australia. Microtia is a congenital disorder occurring in 1 … [Read more...]

(needs backdating) Letter urge California to reinstate ban on imported kangaroo products

RENATA NEMETH Concerned scientists, academics and public figures have signed a letter to lawmakers of the State of California, urging them to reinstate the ban on imported kangaroo skins and meat. The Californian ban resumes in 2015 and the … [Read more...]

Robotronica set to offer a glimpse into the future

RENATA NEMETH Thousands of international robotics experts are expected to gather at Queensland University of Technology’s Robotronica festival this weekend. Organisers said the event was designed to increase people’s understanding of robots … [Read more...]